1. roge8014 Moderator

    I wanna reduce Shanghai to rubble now!
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  2. WolfskinLux Moderator

    Chinese Jet Chengdu J-20 (stealth) o_O
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  3. zelk0wy Private

    It's getting more and more interesting tbh. Great work Wolfskin! :)
  4. WolfskinLux Moderator

    @zelk0wy, don't forget to buy me a coffee for having put my picture in grasz24.pl :p
  5. zelk0wy Private

    Sure m8t :)
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  6. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    Awesome <3

    Requesting Dogtag, over!
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  7. M24_Sniper_UK Moderator

    Oh I can't wait for some more info on BF4 I have a feeling its going to be EPIC !
  8. zelk0wy Private

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  9. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    finally i got these tag :D

    Now we need a Tag for the first tag xD
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  10. Billydoc1 Recruit

    got the tag...i was there....hooah
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  11. zelk0wy Private

  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Sure is why not =). 7h and 37 minutes left until the Battlefield 4 gameplay footage is released to the public. That's what we're really waiting for :D
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