1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Wanted to start a thread about another wide spread and popular pastime activity. Would have needed this 2 months ago when there was absolutely nothing to watch, but better late than never and we can always prep for the winter break. So list, recommend and discuss your favorite TV-Shows in here.

    Here's a list of shows currently airing that I watch (in no particular order):

    Person of Interest
    The Mentalist
    South Park
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    The Simspons
    Last Resort

    I like action/drama, dislike comedy and I'm always looking for suggestions what to watch next. May it be a new or old show it doesnt matter :)
  2. ThreeToesTim Private

    I could recommend you White Collar, very good show:) ...too bad I have to way until 1 January for the next season (5th). Also Sherlock Holmes the series, 2 seasons, 90-100 minutes per episode and I have to look in my favourites and see if there is something else for you to watch :p

    I believe you've already seen Lie To Me, if not it has 3 seasons and it was discontinued but it's worth the watch, it's outside the box...another great one is Suits, intriguing and catchy :p
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  3. Premchand Private

    Game of thrones....even tho you might say "i am not in to this fantasy crap" like me, just watch it. Its a great action drama series. Also Breaking Bad.
    Homeland is next on my list. Watching The Sopranos now(Yeah i know little late).
    Maybe American Horror Story and The Walking Death both new seasons will air soon.
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  4. Hamster-X Recruit

    I was going to say that... How can you NOT have Breaking Bad on that list?:eek:
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  5. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I only mentioned shows that are currently airing. I do of course watch Breaking Bad and I have read all 5 books of Game of Thrones ^^

    BTW: GoT has near to NOTHING to do with fantasy.
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  6. Hattiwatti Private

    South Park
    The Office
    Adventure Time

    Those are the ones I watch, though X-Files only has 1 season left.
  7. Kevinario Member

    New shows that aired and might have some potential are Last Resort, Vegas and Revolution.
    People should check those out.
  8. Premchand Private

    No thats why i said it , i expect something like lord of the rings. But was pleasantly surprised :D
  9. Kevinario Member

    Watchout Premchand, Taxez is GoT fangirl. So dont say anything bad about it :p
  10. Premchand Private

    Wouldn't dare, love that show! :cool:
  11. The_Sorrow_13 Recruit

    Best Show in the world!! i have no idea what they say i cant uderstand a shit but i dont really care xD
  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I have a feeling this thread will derail from this point on :D Damn that girl is hot. I managed to watch all 12m46s without even noticing. Though I couldn't tell whether she was constantly arching her back to look sexy or her pelvis is naturally tipping forward (without high heels). If it's tipping naturally, it would be ironic that she's showing abdominal exercises as thats a sign for shortened muscles in the lubar region and weak abs.

    Back on topic: Im just rly touchy when someone sais GoT is fantasy. Fantasy has a stigma, with everything medieval being heavily influenced by LoTR, while the rest is even worse gay, happy land with wizzards, fairies and magic that conveniently helps the protagonist overcome his/her obstacles by just snipping fingers. I absolutely hate fantasy as no other genre has so much potential to turn out so ****. Take the movie Stardust (imdb 7.8) as an example. Towards the end the main characters are screwed, their nemesis is absolutely owning them. However since it's fatasy and there's only 5min until the credits, they defeat the evil witch by hugging + bright light. rofl...

    GoT does not belong into that category. It's primarily action/drama, it's all about the game of thrones... spiced with small amounts of fantasy here and there (dire wolves, undead, dragons, long seasons) . The sublte fantasy spicing is what makes it unconventional and unique. The amount of violence/sex is balanced perfectly and the universe created feels insanely relatable, authentic and real.

    The books are much better than the tv shows btw. The battle for Kings Landing was nearly 500 pages long with not a second of it being boring. The tv show had that entire battle cut into 2x15second scenes...
  13. Hamster-X Recruit

    Well it's fantasy according to George R.R. Martin. :p
  14. Taxez The Web Dev.

    He has nothing to say anymore the fans own the books and have spoken :D

    On the topic of Breaking Bad. I just put together a quick album on imgur of some entertaining everticals. Enjoy:

  15. Hamster-X Recruit

    Might be a bit off topic, but nonetheless it's an interesting watch.

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  16. oM_fade Private

  17. ThreeToesTim Private

    Top Gear is not a TV show, it's a life style :cool:
  18. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Hm, considering how long the list I posted in my original thread is, I would have expected to be watching more shows this week. But it feels like I only got to see a hand full and the rest is on break again o_O

    Anyway to remedy the fact of not having enough tv shows to watch I quickly added Arrow and Last Resort to the list.

    Arrow - What The Cape should have been: Good. It's a Batman spin-off and intended to be just that. So make peace with the idea before jumping in. Other than that it seems this show can provide decent entertainment.

    Last Resort - OMFG EPIC military action drama with tonnes of suspence, conflict and potential (both to fail and succeed). Watch it as long as it's fresh and still good! :D
  19. Haroulle Recruit

    Through the Wormhole on Discovery was cool, so I recommend that to any1 interested in science :)
    Atm I'm watching only "How I Met Your Mother",dont have time for more.
  20. thefinn85 Server God

    Currently on AIR and watching:

    - Bones
    - Burn Notice
    - Hawaii Five 0
    - Homeland
    - Last Resort
    - Person of Interest
    - QI
    - Royal Pains
    - Scandal
    - The Big Bang Theory
    - The Mentalist
    - Two and a Half Men