1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    Oscar Mike is proud to present www.stalkdice.com, the second in house development after our Community Tracker. If you are eager to hunt down some DICE dog tags or if you're simply curious about how you would measure up against the people who made your beloved Battlefield 3, stalkdice is the site to go. The website automatically refreshes every 5 minutes and displays up to date information required to efficiently stalk DICE. Follow the twitter live feed and compete for the top ranks on the leaderboard.

    Enjoy stalkDICE.com

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  2. thefinn85 Server God

    Everybody who likes this concept should retweet/share this site on all their social media accounts to spread the word globally :)
  3. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Kevin and I managed to join a session with 5 DICE devs earlier. I can't remember the last time a game was so exhilarating and fun. Got my first DICE dog tag today. I think I'm going to become by own biggest fan, constantly hunting DICE down when they play :D

    There have already been improvements/additions suggested for the site such as a history showing detailed stats of peak times when most dice players are online etc. Theres one minor bugs and probably some other undetected bugs as well. I'll keep the development of the site up to date hoping to make additions to it soon.
  4. thefinn85 Server God

    I guess you need to buy yourself a shitbucket not to lose out on any dogtags!
  5. Naenox Lieutenant

    This is insane, great job!
  6. xDeadStatix Recruit

    So happy its back up, great work :)
  7. Kevinario Member

    Thank you xDeadStatix, Taxez invested allot of time in it. So it's good to hear that people appreceite the work he has done :)
  8. xDeadStatix Recruit

    Well I hope DiceHunters will love using it and will generate a lot of hits with my platoons using it. :)

    Going to mention it in my next video
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  9. BB13 Recruit

    love it, but beware some people at dice dont appreciate it!!
    Just look at my avatar!
  10. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Just stay away from the team Gosu servers. They have their lips wrapped around DICEs ******** even harder than BFO (who also do not approve of stalkdice and deleted our promo thread). Team GOSU were the only ones I had ever seen who organised entire squads to methodically hunt DICE tags. One of them is even pretty far up on the hunter leaderboard (top15/360). But from one day to the next they decide to disband their own hunter platoon, ban the 500 users from the other DICE Hunter platoons from their server (they called them "professional stalkers" lol) , announce that hunting tags is evil and that they welcome all devs to play on their "dice hunter free"-servers /palmface :D

    The german DICE delegation is very sensitive on this topic aswell. I've mentioned it before, they will allow you to hunt them and take their tag for the sake of taking the tag, once... If you hunt them notoriously they feel thats unnecessary/game breaking/ruining their fun and they will ban you if you happen to be on their server. That's a valid decision they have made we will have to dealwithit.jpg

    Tag hunting has been around since 2142. Antal120 who is ranked 5 on stalkdice (123 dev tags) even received a DICE friends dog tag. Sure stalkdice polarizes but for every person that disaproves i will find one that approves. On top of everything DEVs/Friends can remove themselves from being tracked on stalkdice.com by simply not wearing the DEV/Friends dog tag! To this date I havn't come across a single valid argument to take down stalkdice. It's a service to the community, does nothing which battlelog doesnt already allow, does not endorse abusive behaviour against DEVs/Friends and is in no way liable for individuals who abuse it to harras.

    As the creator of stalkdice.com my conscience is clear. Everyone crying about it fits perfectly into forumfield with the other 10year old trolls/flamers.

    Edit: Speaking of forumfield. A french battlelog mod even made a sticky about stalkdice http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/forum/threadview/2832654348121400737/
  11. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Was just perma banned from a server by the german EA mods. I'm being accused of cheating and apparently the evidence against me is rock solid... Another sad day/disappointment in BF3. More than ever looking forward to playing on PS3 in ~10 days.
  12. tejanostylin82 Recruit

    I was instabanned about 5 seconds after spawning into a round that had a DICE DEV in it. It was a DICE Normal Server. I'm wondering if it's because im on the stalkdice leader board and they know it. It's the first time this has happened and only on this DICE normal server.
  13. thefinn85 Server God

    Some of these DICE developers and/or EA BF3 moderators act more butthurt than the average 16-18 yo BF3 server admins that ban good players for using the wrong weapons or some other lame excuses. Interestingly these people are mostly 30-40 years old and I do not understand how they can still have that kind of mindset about losing their dogtag. Just makes me wonder if these DICE employees have a life outside the BF(3) franchise or if they are just so frustrated about the buggy game themselves that one has to walk on eggshells whenever playing against them in order not to get banned.
  14. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I doubt anyone went through the trouble of checking the stalkdice leaderboard and comparing to who was online. Besides attracting attention by knifing a DEV more than once, I can only think of the Team Gosu servers that have banned ~500 people that are in the DICE Hunter platoons on Battlelog. Maybe they are going through the trouble of banning stalkdice ranked players. Nothing lost there tbh.

    QTF. The only thing that has disappointed me as much as the lies DICE told about BF3 itself, has been the community outside Oscar Mike. I knew the majority of players is young and full of irrational flame about my parents/pets/race/gender/nationality or my supposed sexual oriention, but what came as a shock to me was that many of the people I expected to be more mature due to age, turned out to be pretty much the same.
  15. ElfEye Recruit

  16. Jarek-CZE Recruit

  17. Taxez The Web Dev.

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