1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    "This April, not only is it rumored that Microsoft will unveil their next-generation Xbox, but sources now claim Electronic Arts will also take the stage to announce and exclusive partnership with the company.

    Two sources have told CVG that an agreement has been secured between EA and Microsoft’s Xbox firm which will be discussed during Microsoft’s rumored Xbox event. It’s unclear however, what exactly will be shown or what the terms of the deal will be." mp1st.com

    Given EA's partnership with Sony for BF3 it was somewhat of a surprise to see Activision during the PS4 reveal instead of DICE. Now we are left wondering whether a possible partnetship between EA and Microsoft will mean more than just an exclusive one week early access to Battlefield 4. Skype for Xbox720/BF4 as the VOIP solution?

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  2. thefinn85 Server God

    Well if they implement skype for xbox720 - it is quite cool. Won't get me to buy one though :p