1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    [oM] Server Seeder Stats for the current week

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    Users currently in possession of a reserved slot

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    derhumphrey, gozzen, M24_Sniper_UK, roge8014, Skamiplan, Starter971_1, stereotype252, Taxez, thefinn85, WolfskinLux, xSage17x, zelk0wy
    Total: 12
    There are 3 ways for a player to obtain a reserved slot:
    1. Help populate the oM BF4 servers
    Every minute you play on one of the oM BF4 servers (while the server population is below 32 players) is recorded. A reserved slot is awarded for an entire week if a user has seeded a total of more than 2 hours in the preceeding week! Note - Your oscarmike.com username and your soldier name have to be identical!
    2. Become an oM Premium member
    3. Become an oM admin
  2. Kepro Recruit

    Somethimes i see people complaining in the ingame chat that they have been kicked by a admin without a reason/message. Is this because of a premium member or admin is joining?

    If yes;... Is there a possibiliy that oM can send a message/reason why a player got kicked? So the person knows the reason why he has been kicked.
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  3. Mriswith2k Recruit

    I was wondering if it's possible to have a dynamic maximum number, so you could have 64 players max, unless the player joining is premium/mod then the size increases to 65, then the server can just reduce itself to 64 again when someone leaves (to prevent the kicking part), ending up in queue 13 or something is a real pain in the butt especially since joining can be a pain on some days (client disconnection and so forth).
    Just wondering if the concept is doable with the current server software/scripts.
  4. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Short disclaimer: Don't take my reply the wrong way. It isn't meant to be nasty :)

    No, I doubt that an alternate solution is impossible but I know it's not feasible. We run some of the most popular and populated servers in the world. That's thanks to the relentless effort thefinn has invested in min-maxing server settings and admins such as gozzen, roge and humpy who help keep them running. So you can trust me when I trust them and therefore tell you, that we are running things at the most optimal settings within the shitty parameters DICE has set for us :p
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  5. Mriswith2k Recruit

    Oh, wasn't intended as a complaint (and I don't take offense :D), I honestly have no clue how dice structures the servers or how much is doable with the server scripts, I'm actually finding it weird that dice didn't implement something for "priority spots" thou since dynamic server slots were around since way back in bf3.