1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    Keeping our game servers populated is one of the primary objectives of our community. We aim to be able to offer the oscarmike.com Battlefield 4 gaming experience during all hours of the day. Our admin team has been seeding servers tirelessly on a daily basis for the last 3 years. Often supported by friendly/loyal members our success has been giving us the fighting spirit to persevere even the roughest days.

    We have spared no effort in creating a system which rewards all [oM] members that help us seed our servers. From this day forth all registered oscarmike.com users who help out with seeding will automatically be rewarded with a reserved slot on all our BF4 servers. We believe that a player who helps fill our servers shouldn't have to wait to join once they are full. Help us seed servers and keep track of your progress in the [Reserved Slots] thread!

    In order to make seeding as effortless as possible we have created two Scripts which automate the seeding process! If you are interested in setting up your client to automatically join servers when their population drops below a certain threshold check out the [oM Seeding Tool] thread for the download and a guide.

    Edit: Due to popular demand we have decided to spread the seeding tool to other communities. Check out the last part of the [oM Seeding Tool] thread for more info.

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  2. thefinn85 Server God

    Browser plugin is working great! :)
  3. Skamiplan Administrator

    If you are having any issues with the seeding tools please don't hesitate to tell Taxez or me about it.
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  4. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Seeding servers has never been so much fun :p It is nice to see the huge amount of players already listed in the Reserved slot thread. Woudn't have expected it to be so many :)
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  5. jps_QQ Private

    Can anyone explain why it's so important to do this?
  6. Skamiplan Administrator

    Well, nobody likes to join an empty server. That's why our admins try to fill it up once the population limit is low. And for non premium members this would be an easy way to obtain a reserved slot for our community, all they need to do is play on our servers for 2 hours a week on our servers while the players are below 32.

    They help us by just playing and we give them stuff in return, the seeding tool is just here to make things easier for the dedicated seeders among us.
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  7. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Would you have got oM Premium or even played on oscarmike.com if our servers were empty? :p
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  8. thefinn85 Server God

    I guess he thinks that gameservers run on magical fairy dust and that they fill themselves in the morning by themselves, which unfortunately isn't the case.. :(
  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Very common misconception. The pain you feel inside when you think about it... that's what it means to run a successful community :D
  10. jps_QQ Private

    Wait... There is no magical fairy dust? I guess I have to cancel my Premium membership then :D
  11. gozzen Moderator

    you cant - its for life!!
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  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

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  13. thefinn85 Server God

    Well, I think the bigger reason why players pay for premium is to be whitelisted from Multibalancer and other plugins - that is a perk that won't be given from simply seeding (because this takes up man hours, it can't be automated and my hourly rate is pretty high :D)
  14. Kepro Recruit

    Yes, that was one of the reasons Fin.

    Some reasons why i bought premium

    1. Whitelist balancing - now i can stuck with my friends in a squad (that was the most annoying thing when you got balanced)
    2. Premium slot
    3. Supporting oM, siince BF3 playing on the oM servers.
    4. The community
    5. Server support and feedback.