1. Taxez The Web Dev.


    In order to better cover the costs of running our 280 BF4 slots and to reward users contributing to the community financially, Oscarmike.com is offering a Premium membership option.

    Probably most burning question will be "How much does it cost?". The answer is "As much as you are willing to pay". Any user who donates towards our running community expenses will automatically be upgraded to Premium Member for 30 days.

    Premium membership grants the following exclusive benefits:

    - Personalized welcome message when joining the Oscarmike.com servers! (oM Premium member (%name%) joined the game!)
    - Reserved slots on all Oscarmike.com BF4 servers!
    - Right to wear the [oM] tag on Oscarmike.com BF4 servers!
    - Multibalancer whitelist entry!
    - High ping kicker plugin immunity!
    - Premium title on the Oscarmike.com forum!
    - Signature on the Oscarmike.com forum!
    - Removal of all Premium and other advertisements on Oscarmike.com!

    That's the state of things right now. More features are likely to be added along the way. And before the question arises: Admin volunteers will have access to premium privileges. If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to state them in this thread :)

    Get oM Premium here!
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  2. Premchand Private

    I would like to keep my oM tag tho :(
  3. thefinn85 Server God


    in order for us to be able to sustain this community's gameservers past 2012, we are in need of more donations, no matter of what quantity. I hope this is understandable and doesn't spark a public outcry. We do put a lot of time and effort into running the community and our gameservers especially. The more people that donate, even in smaller quantities, will enable us to sustain and eventually improve our services to all stakeholders.
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  4. roge8014 Moderator

    Personally I think this is a good move.

    Sometimes people forget that the servers don't just magically appear, falling from the branches of mythical server trees.
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  5. TT3Az Recruit

    Can you pay for like 3 months in advance, for example "xx" ammount * 3 = premium for three months, or similar? Reason I ask is because I want to have it all done a couple of months ahead, feels better.
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  6. Taxez The Web Dev.

    TT technically no, as it wouldn't quite fit with the "contribute as much as you like" idea. However because we are operating at such a small scale I can manually make it work. So go ahead and get prem I'll take care of it running 3 months :)
  7. TT3Az Recruit

    Okay, thanks for your answer. I contribute in a couple of days.
  8. Starter971_1 Moderator


    I would really like to get oM Premium member. Unfortunately I don't have a PayPal Account and can't create one. Are there other
    possibilities to donate? Maybe by bank transfer? Thanks in advance.

    PS: Does somebody know what's up with Origin/Battlelog? I can't login o_O
  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    We can arrange for bank transfer via private message here in the forum :)
  10. vKanneNv I like boobs and oM

    this thread should get a sticky :)
  11. You have my support. I have just donated :). I play on these servers a hell of a lot, thats why
  12. thefinn85 Server God

    Thank you :) Glad you are enjoying our servers. As a regular player, if you have any concerns or suggestions to improve our servers, feel free to add your comments into our Server Feedback thread!
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  13. Anteru Recruit

    Is it possibil to use paysafecard no. ?
  14. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Since we are not running commercial business paypal transactions are our only option for donations at the moment.
  15. I just donated something something. I hope it helps the community going.
  16. Jungle6 Recruit

    Really love the servers and the community you've got going on here seems great.
    I've donated a smaller sum, but I've gotten kicked out from the servers three times now because of use of the oM tag.. Says it's for premium members only. Would very much like a fix for that so I can keep enjoying my rounds at oscarmike servers kick free :)
  17. thefinn85 Server God

    Hey there,

    will pass on the problem to Taxez. I'm sure he will rectify the problem once he wakes up tomorrow morning. Until then just play without clantag. He'll post here when he has fixed it. Sorry for your inconvenience :(

    By the way: Is your BF3 playername jungle6? If not that would explain the kicks.. :(
  18. Jungle6 Recruit

    Thank you!
    Yes my bf3 nick is jungle6, why?
    I'll remove the oM tag for now then :)
  19. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Jup, the system was case sensitive. I just changed it to be case insensitive. Should work now :)
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  20. Jungle6 Recruit

    Oooh great, thanks a bunch guys!
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