1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    The oM seeding tool consists of a chrome extension (no other browser currently supported) that connects your BF4 client to the game servers and a seed.exe file. The seed.exe is not mandatory however if you are plagued with bf4 freezing or wish to automatically minimize the game seed.exe will do that for you automatically.

    A. Setup Seeding Tool:
    0. Favorite all oM BF4 servers!
    1. Extract the contents of oM_Seeding.rar
    2. Go to chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome web browser
    > Select "Developer mode"
    3. Press "Load unpacked extension..."
    4. Browse to the SS folder you extracted from oM_Seeding.rar (Step 1) and press "ok"


    5. Go to http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/favourites/pc/
    > A new button "Seed" will appear in the BL navigation
    6. Press "Seed"


    B. Setup seed.exe

    0. If you wish to automatically minimize BF4 while seeding, use seed.exe. In order for this to work BF4 must be running in "Borderless" mode - check your Video options ingame.

    1. If your BF4.exe tends to freeze from time to time select the "Auto Kill" function of the seed.exe tool. "Auto Kill" will check whether BF4 has been running for >8 minutes and kill the task assuming the game is stuck.

    If you would like a custom version of this tool for your own servers:

    Contact us on http://irc.oscarmike.com or post in this thread for more details
  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Version 3.1 Released
    - Server priority bug fixed
    - Removed night time seeding logic

    Version 3.1.2 released - 03.12.2013
    - Update interval decreased from 5 to 30 seconds (this change should smoothen the transition between servers)

    Version 3.1.3 released - 04.12.2013
    - Server #5 added

    Version 3.1.4 Released
    - Plugin adapted to the latest patch delivered by DICE (It works again! :D)
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  3. EntraVenu5 Recruit

    Hi yes i would be real interested in a custom version for our own servers. i did play on your bf3 servers a lot

    Thanks in advance Entra
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  4. thefinn85 Server God

    I'm sure Taxez and/or Kami will reply to you as soon as they are online. Haven't seen them today yet.
  5. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Yep! Kami wont be back today. But I do the customization anyway. Already PM'ed EntraVenu5 earlier :)
  6. TommyMiland Recruit

    Hi, i am interested in the seeding tool, why isn't it released for all servers?
  7. Taxez The Web Dev.

    We are currently in the process of a severe update to the seeding tool. We won't be offering support during this time. A new free and donor version wil be released soon.
  8. TommyMiland Recruit

    What timeframe are we looking at? Hours, days or weeks? :p
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  9. EligoPAX Recruit

    When it is done, I would surely have it for the servers im admin on. (I know you probably wont accept the request)
  10. Skamiplan Administrator

    I'm making great progress on the new version, I will however talk to Taxez to see if you guys could get the "older" version, cause I am not sure when the new version will be done.
  11. EligoPAX Recruit

    Ok, thanks for the head up!
  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    There's a 7 day beta test version available at the download link in the first post. We'd be happy if people could test the tool :) If everything works we can release it.
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  13. EligoPAX Recruit

    What do you mean with a "7 day beta test"?
  14. EligoPAX Recruit

    It works fine. Can you do it easier to edit the settings on how many people it could be on before it leaves?

    EDIT. The first time I tried it, it worked. But now, when I try to seed, it just gives me the error "oM Server Favourites Error". And sometimes it doesn't even load.
  15. Skamiplan Administrator

    Please post a screenshot of your favorites list.
  16. EligoPAX Recruit

  17. Skamiplan Administrator

    Yea the free version requires you to have the Oscar Mike servers on your favorite list, that's why it's throwing the error.
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  18. Taxez The Web Dev.

    @EligoPAX Our seeding tool does not work together with the BBL Plugin. I would suggest running our tool an incognito window. If you wish to keep BBL running.
  19. EligoPAX Recruit

    Ok. I tried without BBL in some scenarios, though.
  20. Taxez The Web Dev.

    What Kami said still applies though. You also need to have the oscarmike.com servers favorited.