1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    If you're running an [oM] emblem take a stylish screenshot and let us see it!

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  2. gozzen Moderator

    I dont have premium, soo had to make my own - i hope its ok for me to use

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  3. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Actually not bad at all :D I think the tomahawk symbol is what causes a problem for some users... I guess we need to revamp our logo a little to make it accessible to all.
  4. WolfskinLux Moderator

    I'll check that today...
    *edit ► I think is the 'missile'... 'tomahawk' in on general!
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  5. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    No its not the Tomahawk. I got them to. Its the "o" there u need two parts that u get in a Battlepack
  6. gozzen Moderator

    DeadalusHD i made 2 now, they on my profile, feel free to use any of them untill somethings better shows up
    [IMG] [IMG]
    First one uses 10 layers and the 2nd uses 16
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  7. WolfskinLux Moderator

    We like to see your motivation ... but you must follow the official one :)
    Try the new emblem in my gallery.
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  8. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    Yep WolfskinLux made it workable for me tnx
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  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Nice to see Wolfskin managed to get it to work. It would indeed be pretty nice if we all had the same one :D
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  10. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    Than copy from my gallery xD

    If i get new hardware i will make me a BF4 oM Wallpaper <3
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  11. derhumphrey Moderator

    I think we already some oM Wallpaper :D Somewhere buried in ancient threads...
  12. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    sure humpy but no one with an Emblem =D
  13. Taxez The Web Dev.

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  14. derhumphrey Moderator

  15. Dzangrizalo Recruit

    I am still missing "Tomahawk missile" :(
  16. Taxez The Web Dev.

    @Dzangrizalo I thought Wolfskinlux's new version was without any special layers o_O
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  17. Dzangrizalo Recruit

    Got it, and now I HAVE IT... Thanks for help.
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