1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    We have decided to launch a new user group besides the existing oM Premium and admin ranks. We are grateful for any user who takes it upon himself to become an admin and equally thankful towards all our premium members who have helped us finance our community. However we would also like to show our appreciation towards our loyal players, who simply by playing have (amongst other achievements) helped us host the most popular BF4 server in Europe.

    Become an offcial oM Member now! Apply here.

    In other news, we have also set up an irc server which is accessible at http://irc.oscarmike.com We have improved our BF4 server management abilities by being able to track & participate in the ingame chat of all our BF4 servers, as well as execute admin commands directly through IRC.

    Players can request admins by typing !admin into the ingame chat of the server they are currently playing on and expect a much faster responce time than ever before. The irc chat also offers a direct way to contact admins should a user require any sort of support.

    As always, we invite you to play on and favorite our Battlefield 4 servers, follow us on twitter & facebook as well as to post comments, concerns, reports, suggestions and what ever else you can think of right here on oscarmike.com!

    See you on the Battlefield!

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