1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    In the wake of the recent craze and in support of this great new crypto currency we have decided to implement Dogecoin as a payment method on our website! Premium membership is now awarded to everyone who contributes a minimum of either 0,80€ or 3KĐ (3 Kilodoge or 3000 Doge).

    Login and go to http://premium.oscarmike.com where you can find the new "Pay with doge" button:


    If you are not aware of dogecoin yet and would like to know more (or even start mining it yourself) you can get your own dogecoin wallet at www.dogecoin.com or check out http://reddit.com/r/dogecoin for more info.

    Experience Battlefield 4 the way it's meant to be played and use your favorite crypto currency to support us :)

    Please note that the implementation of the dogeapi with our website is currently in an experimental phase. While we do not expect any issues to come up, the payment/premium status assignment process may take a while.

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  2. alby26 Recruit

    dogecoin :D hahaha
  3. Dzangrizalo Recruit

    What a hell is this? :D
  4. Taxez The Web Dev.

    http://dogecoin.com it's bitcoin for the masses. Hopefully the future of internet transactions and the death of paypal. Start mining today =D

    Here's an expanding list of places that accept dogecoin http://dogedir.com/