1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    We are thrilled to announce Minifield, another oscarmike.com in-house development by our web. dev Taxez. Minifield is an open source, HTML5/Javascript, Battlefield 3 themed, 2D shooter. Use the Centurion C-RAM to shoot enemy jets out of the sky while collecting/using perks and battling deteriorating weather conditions.

    Minifield is optimised for and runs best on Google Chrome. Get into the fight, stand your ground and defend yourself against the aerial onslaught at http://minifield.oscarmike.com

    If you would like to support the effort visit Minifield's reddit thread and upvote:

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  2. stereotype252 Moderator

    Firefox 19.0 works just fine, too. ;)
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  3. Taxez The Web Dev.

    It hasn't been debugged for Internet explorer and it just doesn't work with Safari. However with Chrome and Firefox most people will be able to play it ^^

    I get significantly better performance with chrome. Might turn on hardware acceleration on and see how well that does :D
  4. ImbaFreez Recruit

    Very good Game but what about the orange Frame around the Avatars? Those are oscarmike.com Members but I'm a Member too and I don't have such a frame. Just asking ^^
  5. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Were you logged in when you enlisted your profile? Log in, play again, re-enlist and check if it updated your avatar.

    BTW: They are not ordered by score. They are in alphabetical order.
  6. ImbaFreez Recruit

    Nice to know that, thank you
  7. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    Aah the carrier of Gulf Of Oman.
    Nice Game. No BF3 at school? No Problem, Minifield helps! :D
  8. Premchand Private

    Its surprisingly fun. Nice work Taxez
    Love the Mario sounds!
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  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Minifield is featured on http://www.battlefield-3.cz/ and hundreds of czech Battlefield 3 fans played the game today. This event in it self made the work I put into the game worth its while. It certainly made my day :)