1. xSage17x Moderator

    Ok so im in the market again...but this time for a pair of headphones/headset.

    Iv been using a logitech g35 headset, which is great for a usb headset, but im looking for a bit higher audio quality and if possible (and preferably) to take advantage of my creative sound blaster sound card. Iv been told that gaming headsets are not good for this use but it really doesnt matter to me whether it's made for gaming or not. If it doesn't come with a mic build in, then please suggest a good external mic if possible.

    Here are my general requirements i guess:
    1. cant be beats/made by razer
    2. made for 7.1 audio for a sound card
    3. preferably comfortable
    4. budget is around 200 maybe...but ill see

    so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me, that would be great :)

  2. jps_QQ Private

    200 Euro/Dollar/Pounds? :D Anyway. I also have a SoundBlaster audio card paired with a Sennheiser HD 598 (~150€ at Amazon at that time) and a AntLion Modmic. And this combination delivers possibly the best sound I've ever experienced on a PC. It's amazing. I owned several "high end" gaming headsets before (Sennheiser, Razer, SteelSeries) but nothing -- not even the Sennheiser ones -- come close regarding the sound quality. Please, please don't buy a gaming headset! You can make your "own" headset with a decent headphone and the ModMic and you'll get a waaaaay better audio quality result for the same amount of money (or even less).
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  3. thefinn85 Server God

    Just wanted to say that headset looks a lot like the Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans :D At least colorwise :D ugly :p
  4. jps_QQ Private

    Yeah, the colour is a bit off. But it looks nice in real life. A little bit like the interiour of luxury car. The HD 595 is basically the same headphone but in standard black.
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  5. derhumphrey Moderator

    I love the Sennheiser PC 360! It has amazing sound quality (like all Sennheiser pretty much), is very comfortable to wear (due to the open design) and you can just mute the mic by raising the boom. The volume control is directly on the right ear cup so no need the fiddle around with some shit on the cable somewhere ;)

    Just be aware that it might not be the best if other people are in the room with you, because it is an open design headset.

    But other than that, just read the reviews on amazon ;)
  6. jps_QQ Private

    Yeah, the PC 360 is pretty good. I had them for about 3 years, but for the same amount of money you can get the HD598 and believe me. If you tested/used the 598s, the 360 will sound very very... bad. If you're really interested in sound quality theres no other way to buy headphones. Well, except you're ready to spend 300€ on the Beyerdynamic MMX300. Which is basically a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro with a microphone. But you can get the DT770 for around 150€.

    Let me be clear: headsets aren't bad. I've used them for many years. But for the amount of money you spend on headsets you can get waaaaay better sound quality with headphones.
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  7. derhumphrey Moderator

    Yeah, you're probably right. I wanna try out the 1500$ HD 800 though :D Maybe they have them in some Sennheiser Shop somewhere..
    But I love my PC 360, it's just so comfortable and the mic is really good as well.

    For music listening I have some older Sennheiser Noise canceling headphones, will probably upgrade to better ones at some point in the future since my job will require me to travel a lot in 3 to 4 years.
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  8. thefinn85 Server God

    Well I'm still using my 5 year old Sennheiser PC-166 headset.. Works great - but I haven't found a new headset that I would deem worthy of my attention yet.. I hate using a seperate desk microphone because it generally picks up more noise from the environment especially as I have a mechanical keyboard with cherry mx red switches.. ;) Thats why I have ignored all headsets without a inbuilt microphone at the cost of overall sound quality..
  9. xSage17x Moderator

    Well in case you were wondering i did end up getting the sennheiser 598 with a modmic and im really happy with the choice. they sound absolutely awesome :)
  10. DeadalusHD [oM] Member

    Oh yes i got a ModMic too ^^ For the pricing absolute awesome.
  11. xSage17x Moderator

    Mine is still shipping (as it has been for the past 18 days...) so im really looking forward to that
  12. dh3lix-Pooch Recruit

    PC363d here - comes with an optional external USB card which has brilliant analog and stable sound output - connected with a 3.5mm jack - rest is typical pc 36x hardware - rock solid and nearly perfect sennheiser quality - haptic and comfort wearing it is perfect also. absolute brilliant headset - acoustical ranging which is in my opinion as same as important as keeping your fcking eyes on the minimap is also excellent.

    only drawback .. it's epic pricy ^^ but well ... get it anyway ... ;-)