1. Dzangrizalo Recruit

    What are you watching these days?

    I am waiting for
    Game of Thrones Season 4

    See you all in hell on April 6 when Game of Thrones returns. And I'm sure winter is still coming.

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  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Looking forward to season 4 of GoT too. I'm not excited about it though. I want the next book to release earlier than 2020... I NEED the latest cliffhanger resolved otherwise GoT is just no fun :p
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  3. Dzangrizalo Recruit

    Yeah, next book before 2020 will be nice :D
  4. roge8014 Moderator

    and may I add Sherlock to the list.

    Never has the question "Missed me?" made me grin so much.....hopefully we won't have to wait bloody 2 years for Season 4 (Cumberbatch and Freeman need to stop going off and making silly Hollywood blockbusters....which are naff anyhoo)
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