1. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Welcome to version 2.0 of the Epic Music thread aka. "What are you currently listening to?".

    Let me start this off with a minecraft themed cover I really enjoyed watching/hearing:

    I enjoyed browsing through pages upon pages of diverse music tastes last time around. Even picked up a few new favorites along the way. Lets see if we can do this again =D
  2. TheRealEvald Recruit

    This one is a bit gay, but still better than original:

    This one is a pretty funny song about Black Ops:
  3. CerealO_o Recruit

    I really enjoy this song, expecially when warm times come along :)
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  4. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I'll be listening to Goldfish - We Come Together for the rest of the week =D great song, absolutely in love <3
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  5. M24_Sniper_UK Moderator

    Still has to be the best club I have been to oi oi
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  6. Grilofuzeta Recruit


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  7. TheRealEvald Recruit

    i will go hardcore on you guys
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  8. Naenox Lieutenant

    Like a baws haha
  9. Grilofuzeta Recruit

  10. Taxez The Web Dev.

    today im not half bulgarian o_O
  11. Naenox Lieutenant

    Grilo just what kind of music do you listen to LOL?
  12. Grilofuzeta Recruit

    I only listen Techno, Hardcore, House, Lounge (good to bring a woman to bed).
    Sometimes Beatles, Queen, Mettalica
  13. Grilofuzeta Recruit

    and girls

    or MISS USA 2012 version:
  14. roge8014 Moderator

    And the best band to come out of Liverpool since the Beatles (have to admit the pan of the oldies in the crowd worried me!) - fyi - recorded in Liverpool for what was called the Number One Project (local acts performing.....erm number ones, lol)

    The Real People ftw!!
  15. Grilofuzeta Recruit

    My Beatles Collection:

    319 Music (Only Beatles)
    14,7 hours

    I have 11619 Musics (Music in HDD: 131 GB (140.887.887.872 bytes))
    1056 hours

    (14.7*100)/1056 = 1,3920454545454545454545454545455
    Beatles is only 1,39% (play time)

    (319*100)/11619 = 2,7455030553403907393063086324124
    Only 2,74% of total music
  16. xSage17x Moderator

    thats some pretty great shit. looked like a fun party
  17. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Drum and base isn't my thing and I'm no expert with music but I wanted to contribute to spreading the word about this guy as his compositions caught my ear :D

    Other tracks: http://www.youtube.com/user/illuvialdnb (Including the soundtrack from the metro glitch post over in the "Random stuff from the WWW" thread)
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  19. Kevinario Member

    Hahahah you auctaly see she got sun burned from making that clip. some parts of it she is as white as can be other parts she is burned. I dont get why she is wearing a little black kid as a backpack
  20. Grilofuzeta Recruit