1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    EA’s next-generation software is “nothing short of astonishing,” according to EA Labels President Frank Gibeau.

    In a blog post addressing recent layoffs that occurred within EA as a result of the upcoming transition to next-generation software, Gibeau spoke of his excitement for the upcoming shift in gaming, in particular, Battlefield 4.

    “For EA’s creative teams, this transition comes as no surprise,” Gibeau writes. “We’ve been investing and innovating on new technology for months. Console partners who have seen our early work agree, EA’s next-gen software is nothing short of astonishing. At a GameStop company meeting earlier this week, we gave 500 store managers a sneak peak at Battlefield 4. The game received a huge ovation and thousands of fans reacted to a single enthusiastic Tweet by GameStop’s CEO.”

    While it may come as no surprise, Gibeau’s statements confirm Digital Illusion CE’s Battlefield 4 in development for EA’s next-generation software.

    He closed his thoughts with an old saying at EA: “Transition is our friend.”

    Earlier, EA confirmed that Battlefield 4 would be revealed near the end of April or early May.

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  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    A few months ago I heard a rumor that BF4 would also be released on current gen consoles. Let's hope that was a fake. Developing BF for consoles is already dragging down the quality of the entire franchise imo. Don't need to make matters worse by wasting even more resources making BF4 compatible with PS3 and Xbox360 =/
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  3. xSage17x Moderator

    I agree with you there Taxez. EA seems to be slowly shifting the Battlefield franchise's attention toward console and away from its years of focus on PC. The memorable days of getting a new graphics card to run battlefield 2 and knowing that was kinda of the only way to play the game seem so much different from now. Either way im still very excited about BF4 and what DICE has been preparing for the last 18 months.
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