1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    The legendary Battlefield 1942 launched one decade ago and changed everything. Join our week long celebration of the Battlefield series, full of retrospects, classic trailers, legendary concept art, and great price promotions.

    It’s going to be a great week for Battlefield fans in all of our channels. Later today, we will repost one of the classic trailers from Battlefield 1942 with comments by its original creator, DICE Senior Video Producer Roland Smedberg. Back in 2002, it was extremely unusual for game trailers to feature actual in-game footage the way we did.
    Each day until September 28 will feature something new from the rich history of the Battlefield series. If you’re an old time Battlefield veteran or a fan interested in gaming history, you don’t want to miss this.


    Download remastered anniversary artwork
    To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have custom created a few other pieces of artwork as well that we want to share with you. Feel free to download these to adorn your desktop or website. There’s the 10th anniversary logo plus four never before seen desktop wallpapers in full HD resolution. These were created here at DICE by upscaling select scenes from the classic Battlefield 1942 intro. Just click the thumbnails below to download the 1920×1080 versions. Enjoy!

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Announcing The Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge
    Help commemorate the launch of Battlefield 1942 by revisiting Wake Island (in Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand). Next week, we launch the Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge, where we task PC players to compete against Xbox 360 and PS3 players to reach a specific number of game rounds on this legendary map. Stay tuned for the full details on this challenge soon.


    Chat with Battlefield 1942 veteran Lars Gustavsson next Tuesday
    Few people at DICE know more about the Battlefield series than Lars Gustavsson. He has worked on almost every Battlefield title since the start, and Codename Eagle (the spiritual predecessor to Battlefield) before that. Come Tuesday, you will be able to chat with Lars Gustavsson on Origin.com and ask him anything about the history of Battlefield. We will get back to you soon with the exact timings for this rare opportunity.

    Week long celebration
    This is the first decade of Battlefield, and this is just the beginning of our celebrations. Stay tuned for more happenings on our Facebook channel, YouTube, and Instagram. Each day until September 28th will celebrate our proud Battlefield heritage. Battlefield has been truly life-changing for us at DICE, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have done this without you.

    Today only: Battlefield Anniversary Sale
    To kick off the celebrations, Origin are discounting every PC Battlefield game currently on sale on Origin to just $10 or equivalent in your territory. Head to Origin now to stock up on the Battlefield games missing in your collection, but make sure to do it today. The offer only lasts until midnight today on September 20th (incidentally the date when Battlefield 1942 originally launched in Europe).

    Source: http://blogs.battlefield.com/2012/09/10th-anniversary-intro/

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  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    This might be interesting im looking forward to switching our B2K server to WI only to kick some console *** in the Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge :D

    Also very surprised to see that on the official blog post BF1942 is winning on a poll vs the other BF games... Nothing within the next 10 years will come close to Desert Combat ^^

    Edit: Damn kinda want...

  3. ThreeToesTim Private

    Damn that cake looks great...good for me there is a coffee shop just round the corner filled with cakes ^^
  4. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Edited the cake picture. @HelloAndy receives the "Best 10 Year Anniversary Cake Picture" - award :D

    "The line to take pictures of the BF cake was equally long as the one to eat it." - @DICEslinde
  5. thefinn85 Server God

    Will be an interesting event but I'm sure console players will win just because they will finish more rounds than us. PC players play on bigger maps with more players and higher tickets = less rounds played.
  6. Kevinario Member

    That picture of cake made mo so hungry yesterday that i immediality picked up my phone and ordered food.
    It's good to see some form of extra activity in the game again tho.
  7. roge8014 Moderator

    Yeah the cake looked good. Wonder if they were sponge or fruit cake? lol
  8. stereotype252 Moderator

    Did they make the WW2-soldier on the current Battlelog backround because of this anniversary?
    Or is this a hint on future BF3 content? :)
  9. Hattiwatti Private

  10. Taxez The Web Dev.

    It does say on the soldier "Battlefield 10th Anniversary" I doubt future content will go back to WW2...


    Arashenstein posted it into a new thread but i think it belongs in here:
  11. stereotype252 Moderator

    Oh, I missed that somehow... oO

    But a BF3 Vietnam would be nice. Definitely best soundtrack. I would play it.^^
  12. thefinn85 Server God

    Yeah I loved BC2 Vietnam. The soundtrack was epic and the loading music always put me in a good mood :) I missed the BC2 Vietnam flair created by the music and environments in all of the BF3 maps. All you get nowadays is some mechanic loading music between maps.
  13. oM_fade Private

    It would be sweet to see them contribute with something more respectful for players. Perhaps special camo for the real vets or some oldschool weapons (Thompson, Garand, knife...)
    But hey, screenshots are also cool.
  14. Taxez The Web Dev.

    omg yes! I would love the challenge of the M1 Garand! That would be such a great addition. If I could kick peoples ass with a weaker but vet exclusive weapon DICE would make me so much happier than I am right now with BF3 :p
  15. ThreeToesTim Private

    I fancy Fade's ideas, we should write to dice about this...or point this out even more. Dogtags would be nice, but if they would send the real thing so we can wear it, that is what I call premium and the gun challenges and many other things, I would love old guns in a modern warfare, it makes you stand out when you know you murder people with a wood'n'iron rifle :p
  16. xSage17x Moderator

    i never played 1942 since i started playing at bf2(then i skipped a few years and games until bf3:D) but i hear a lot of good things about the game. I think Fade's idea would be nice to all the vets getting some signature weapons.
  17. stereotype252 Moderator

    Please not only for the vets! :D
    The non-vets will probably have to pay for it and I'm not going to do so if it is just a weapon and camo pack although I would really like to play with those weapons. It is completely different if there is a whole new expansion pack for BF like "BF3 Vietnam" (even though it probably will be overpriced, too).
    thefinn85 likes this.
  18. thefinn85 Server God

    Would be awesome though and totally worth the money in my book :p