1. Oscar Mike Administrator

    Just a few hours ago the first snippet of information regarding BF4 was released. GameStop's CEO J Paul Raines had the pleasure to receive a very early sneak peak of the upcoming Battlefield title and he did not hesitate to tweet his enthusiasm out into the www:


    The tweet was endorsed by EA via a retweet and remains the only solid information about BF4 to this date. The early reveal of the game outside of DICE studios has once again stirred up the debate over whether BF4 will be released 2013 or 2014.

    Reminder: There has been confusion in the community since EA mentioned in its financial call, that another Battlefield title is expected to lauch "next year". Whether the statement was refering to EAs fiscal year 2014 (which starts March 2013) or actual 2014 is not known. However in a related interview with gamerzines DICE's Patrick Bach did state that an annualisation of Battefield releases would "kill the franchise". And while technically a 2013 release of BF4 wouldn't quite annualize the games releases, the last thing Battlefield needs right now is another rushed release of an unfinished product.

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  2. thefinn85 Server God

    I am starting to believe that after the massive failure of the latest MoH, even EA has finally noticed the error in their approach regarding their major franchise FPS games. I am growing more convinced that with the success of BF3 Premium (multiple DLCs) as a product extension strategy, EA/DICE are thinking that annualization of major franchise games is not the correct path to follow. BF3 Premium brings in more cash than churning out a new game every year with very few new features and decreasing public interest. Also, from a community standpoint, there is nothing more frustrating than having to change the game you play on a yearly basis. I am sure 3rd party plugin developers feel the same way. In any case, I don't mind if BF4 is released in late 2014, I can easily wait for it as long as the finished product isn't as buggy as BF3 has been since its release.
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  3. Taxez The Web Dev.

    QTF. I actually want the game to be released in late 2014. I would have went for an even later date, but Battlefield 3 doesn't seem like it would be able to last much past 2014. I guess a good way to judge whether the game is finished or not is to see whether reserved slots have been implemented.
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  4. thefinn85 Server God

    I agree! I'm sure you mean't ^QFT :p In any case, the extent to which the server side code has been implemented to ensure plugin compatibility is also a very good indicator of the game being finished. BF3 was at best half finished when released and to this day essential server side data is not being exchanged at the plugin interface, making plugin development a pain in the back side for BF3. Currently, developers have to query Battlelog player stats to get the missing information for the plugins to run, making it very unreliable (Battlelog throttling/Battlelog downtime -> Plugins crash and Procon layers go into panic mode).
  5. Starter971_1 Moderator

    Same thoughts here. I think it's possible that they release it around October 2014 so they can earn extra bucks at christmas like at BF3. Before release they should take time to balance weapons and vehicles and don't patch this afterwards. I don't know about plugin stuff so I can't say anything here ^^
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  6. thefinn85 Server God

    The problem with finding the right balance for maps, vehicles, weapons is that I doubt DICE devs play the game the same way as the actual customers ;) So balance might be a thing that is out of their hands to control 100% at the release of the game. However, I hope they have a better Alpha/Beta testing approach than with BF3. It would be a good chance for the DICE devs to engage in better discussion with known community supporters that actually keep this game alive through all the struggles.
  7. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I'm hoping that BF4 will be a tighter package. Less diversity. The amount of people that bought BF3 because Armored Kill had tank superiority is most probably way lower than the amount of people leaving the game because it feels empty when people are spread over 20 different game modes. It also makes it a nightmare for us having to prioritise what maps/modes to run... Surely there must be other ways to add longevity and justify DLC costs than just piling up more and more game modes...
  8. stereotype252 Moderator

    Let's keep the hopes up! :D
  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Interesting update. It seems as though Battlefield will be mentioned during the Sony press conference tonight! Given the past exclusive relationship EA/DICE have had with Sony it doesn't even sound so far fetched. Definitely staying up to watch that now :D:D
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  10. thefinn85 Server God

    Nice, count me in on staying up.. :D I hope they don't just show PS3 exclusive trailers of End Game haha :p
  11. anon Recruit

    Makes sense that the PS4 would also reveal some BF4. But that image beneath the 15 isn't new:

    Showing End Game on a PS4 press release would be pretty stale...
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  12. thefinn85 Server God

    .. now this wouldn't be the first time we have been disappointed with press conferences.. ;)
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  13. anon Recruit

    LOL I don't think anything will come close to the disappointment of the SF Game Developers Conference :D
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  14. Premchand Private

    Could be a Battlefield game for the Vita though.
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  15. Taxez The Web Dev.