1. Oscar Mike Administrator

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  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Now this is a game I actually want to play at ultra or not at all. Time to start saving up for that 3 way titan setup :D
  3. Billydoc1 Recruit

    i think i'm going to like it very much!!!!
  4. roge8014 Moderator


    No blue tint, but the ever blinding sun is back, lol.

    Most game play stuff I've seen always makes me wanna play - this is no different. It does have a much different feel to the last average outing. I have small hopes.

    But seriously....are we really THAT bothered about the SP?

    Give us some view of the MP goddammit :mad:
  5. thesalesman55 Recruit

    Still not a word on MP. Seems the game will look even better, and with the OP sun, smoke, explosions, add in the supression we will see even less of it.
  6. Taxez The Web Dev.

    hm, I fear that instead of improving the Battlefield experience (giving players back more diverse and deeper gameplay mechanics) they have put all their effort into further prusing the eye-candy road. Even if that seems to be successful it's not what will make me put hundreds of hours into the game :p
  7. thefinn85 Server God

    Looks nice :) I wonder how well it will run on a single Titan.. good thing I have lots of time to save up for a second one :)
  8. Taxez The Web Dev.

    By the way. BF4 premium is part of the preorder deal:


    So as of right now BF4 premium and MoH:WF preorder (haha lol :D) users will have access to the "exclusive" BF4 beta. If we judge by the BF3 beta, that means we get 72h early access which we spend waiting for DICE to fix release/download related bugs...
  9. Starter971_1 Moderator

    What should I say? It looks f*cking amazing! :O
    Specially the sounds are very nice as in Battlefield 3 and I'm really tight on the Multiplayer.
  10. thefinn85 Server God

    I was actually largely disappointed about the sound in Battlefield 3. Looking at that brief single player clip of BF4 it seems that DICE is just recycling the BF3 sound. The point that I am trying to get at is the fact that in older FPS games such as Counter Strike you can actually hear exactly from which direction the enemy is coming from. In BF3 that is nearly impossible - it is nowhere near as accurate. Most of the time in BF3 I find myself listening to an endless loop of the same background noise - it does get generic and boring if you exclude the explosions of vehicles and whatever else gets blown up in your vicinity.
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  11. Starter971_1 Moderator

    You're quiet right Finn but if you get surpressed by a sniper or listen to the engine sound of Tanks or LAVs this sounds fantastic and I don't think that any other FPS game can offer this.
    Anyway in my opinion it's hard to bring really new gadgets into the game.
  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    At least on PC you dont have the problem where the sound effects are not in sync with the rest of the game. On PS3 the sound frequently just stops or lags behind tremendously. Yet the PS3 is the platform with the most players... 0 fucks given about sound in the console community. I guess when people play casually on TV they dont care. But to me this is just another reason why Battlefield 3 couldn't become a competitive game.
  13. BBDrew84 Recruit

    I drooled all day over this.

    By the way I also just watched the March Premium "Exclusive" video and I saw that all BF3 Premium members get access to BF4 Beta. I am glad I did not buy MoH ;)
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  14. Hattiwatti Private

    Everyone who's on the hypetrain already, do us a favor and don't pre-order until actually seeing some MP gameplay and get to play the beta (Which all premium players get).
    They try to hype with SP showing cool new tech that isn't going to be in MP anyways. My prediction is that MP maps will be same kind of meatgrinder maps just to make it playable for low player counts.
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  15. Taxez The Web Dev.

    I read somewhere that BF4 vanilla maps will focus stronger on the infantry/close quarters. DICE's telemetry sais people perfer smaller maps *cough*Operation Metro*cough*. I agree with you 100% Hatti. They stuffed their BF3 trailers with single player footage and scripted events (metro explosion after first mcoms, caspian border tower destruction, etc.) artificially creating more impressive scenarios. Very good marketing. Fooled me once, won't fool me a second time though.

    I should have seen it coming back in 2011 after having played the alpha and Metro TDM at Gamescom. It was a gigantic disappointment but I let the hype take over and pushed the bad experience out of my mind... over and over again.
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  16. Billydoc1 Recruit

    We will see more in the future....i believe that the game will be great
  17. stereotype252 Moderator

    Yes it looks good but more like BF 3.2. :D
    Lets just wait how the MP will be!
  18. thefinn85 Server God

    Here's some more leaked information regarding BF4 and the multiplayer environment

  19. Taxez The Web Dev.

    • Will ship with more game modes than BF3
    • Will ship with more close quarter infantry maps than BF3
    I don't know what to think about the abundance of game modes... Also reminds me of a youtube video oM_fade posted in one of the other Battlefield 4 Threads:

    It's also contradicting with:
    • Battlefield 4 will stick with 64 players. Maps are larger and more detailed.
    I know Battlefield 4 will be an excellent game. But I've learned to be extemely sceptical with hopes and expecations...
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  20. Billydoc1 Recruit

    i have a feeling...a hunch....it will be great...trust me