1. WolfskinLux Moderator

    Privacy Settings for Battlelog aims to establish a "invisible mode" before launching BF4.

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  2. derhumphrey Moderator

    Many of the famous youtubers would probably really appreciate that :D
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  3. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Finally. Battlelog blows my mind and it's a typical example of how bad proprietary software is. Adequate privacy settings should have been present from day 1. I'm sick off dimwits blaming me/StalkDICE for not being able to play a game. Though I'm sure those accusations won't subside, even with this "Invisible" mode lol :D
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  4. Starter971_1 Moderator

    Finally I can play the whole night and nobody will notice that I've no real life :p ;)
  5. Taxez The Web Dev.

    LOL come to think of it. I really need that function too :D
  6. thefinn85 Server God

    Taxez: to be honest I don't think anyone would notice a difference if you are shown online or offline in Battlelog :D
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  7. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Unfortunately you're right FML :p