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  2. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Why do I get this feeling that BF4 is going to be a even bigger bug ridden nightmare than BF3... instead of improving existing architecture DICE makes things bigger and more complex. It sounds great, but it also sounds like it will never work properly :(

    BTW: If you want to know whether you are eligible for the upcoming BF4 beta check out https://help.ea.com/article/battlefield-4-exclusive-beta-access-information
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  3. Starter971_1 Moderator

    I find the connection to tablet and smartphone interesting. Finally I can play my future favorite game without sitting on the PC the whole time (If I understood correct ;) ). And I can play even longer into the night :p
  4. dh3lix-Pooch Recruit

    Afterall it was ... is ... and it will be allways our beloved Bugfied for sure. So you will be totally right that Dice will fck up some things as allways .. but well .. they allways also improve over time. As a "customer" we should be very pissed about that as we paid for a service ... As a gamer and battlefield lova i'm living with this since 2002 .... so ... bring on this crazy shit!!
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  5. Sayid_Jarah Recruit

    Gotta feeling there will be a que sytem for this new smartphone/tablet feature (can you imagine the thousands of us at work wating to get a turn at Commander)

    On a side note what if the commander is poor? do we generally have to listen to him/her? dont think many people will.. whats your thoughts?
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  6. Starter971_1 Moderator

    Well, I think players are doing also things they don't like just to get points. Same was in BF2: I flew other players from A to B with a chopper because I got points for that. When they reward the players good enough they will propably also listen to the commander or at least accept the orders :)
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  7. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Patrick Bach said there is a level requirement. You have to have played the game for X levels before you can even attempt to become commander. Players will also be able to remove bad commanders by voting them out.

    The selection system in BF2 used to be who ever had the highest rank. We'll have to see how BF4 handles that.
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  8. Sayid_Jarah Recruit

    Got to admit Taxez, some nice thinking there by the devs makes a lot of sense as does the vote system. Well can't wait for the game now and as your first post talks into buggi-ness lets hope not.
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  9. Taxez The Web Dev.

    BF4 will most likely be extremely broken on release day. Literally every single BF release has had problems on day 1.

    There are two sides to the story though. If players encounter a problem all they have to do is refresh their server browser and connect to another server. Our server admins on the other hand will probably have to work the equivalent of 2 full time jobs worth of effort (on top of their normal occupation) just to fill servers every single time they crash. They'll be paying out of their *** for a broken product and receive absolutely nothing in return but irrational flame from entitled 12yo brats.

    As a community we are facing a complete reset of the effort we have invested into making our servers popular. We suffer a chronic lack of resources (both financial and administrative) and EA/DICE have done nothing to indicate they are interested or even aware of what troubles communities.

    Imo October 29th will be the hardest trial oscarmike.com will have encountered in it's 2 years of existance. The core admins are experienced, they know what lies ahead. Come BF4 I am prepared for the worst, but I expect us to persevere :)
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  10. dh3lix-Pooch Recruit

    You can surly count most of us oM's in for a helping hand for sure man.
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  11. Sayid_Jarah Recruit

    yeah mate count on us too :)
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  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Guys, you are the bestest :D
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