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  1. thefinn85 Server God

    I play exclusively on #4 or #5 as well. I rarely find myself on #1, #2 or #3 unless other oM members are playing there as a squad. Thats why I prefer #4 and #5, you have a lot more action if you are forced to play alone or with random people that you can't count on if shit hits the fan on the battlefield. ;)
  2. stereotype252 Moderator

    Actually you can find me on #1 very often. Almost exclusively before Aftermath. :D
    It is just that Aftermath is new and exciting at the moment. But this will slow down as always so no worries! ;)
  3. M24_Sniper_UK Moderator

    Right nobody has claimed my tags yet and tomorrow could be your last chance to get em!

    So man up and come at me if u got what it takes :p
  4. xSage17x Moderator

    i lost my tags today:(. but i dont see the hunter on the forum. he must not have known about the contest.
    i guess this means ill still have my tags lol:p
  5. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Need to somehow make more people aware of the contest then :)
  6. A-ALQahtani Recruit

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  7. tejanostylin82 Recruit

    I took oscarmikecom's tag this morning before i knew about the contest. It was #4. He was running with Drohr31337. I got Drohr too by the way!
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  8. roge8014 Moderator

    awww, but you didn't screen cap it??
  9. tejanostylin82 Recruit

    Well like I said I didn't know, its okay, i'll be back!
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  10. roge8014 Moderator


    I think I lost my tags 2 or 3 times in that game too :D
  11. tejanostylin82 Recruit

    Like I said, I'd be back!
  12. Taxez The Web Dev.

    Awesome take down. Weird dog tags though :p and I can see there is a problem with your username that will have to be solved if you want your prem membership on oM :) I'll PM you.
  13. roge8014 Moderator

    Poor Sniper.

    Nice hunting though tejan.

  14. M24_Sniper_UK Moderator

    Good job my friend I had a feeling those might get posted glad u got your reward after trying afew times ;)

    Enjoy your 30 days!
  15. thefinn85 Server God

    Congratulations to all winners!

    Our Christmas contest is now officially over! Stay tuned for the next installment!

    Thread closed.
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