It is quite fitting that we'll be turning up the heat during this cold time of year. At least for some of the admins on our servers. Today is the launch of our Chirstmas Contest the Admin Dog Tag Hunt. Join one of our five Battlefield 3 servers, steal an admin's dog tags, take a screenshot, post it right here in this thread and receive a 30 day oM Premium membership!

Details: Only take downs on the BF3 servers will be counted. While you are free to knife one or more admins as many times as you want, the 30 day oM Premium membership reward will only be awarded once per user. An ingame screen shot of the admins dog tags being taken must be posted in this thread as proof. The Admin Dog Tag Hunt event ends Jan. 1st 2013 and starts with the release of this information.

List of Oscar Mike admins with links to their Battlelog profiles: Taxez, oscarmikecom, thefinn85, oM-fiNN, Kevinario, roge8014, M24_Sniper_UK, SageSniper17, vKanneNv, stereotype252, oM_DirtyBeggar, x1ren, -cG-Nudlar and FrIsKy_JoK3r

If anyone has questions, concerns,...
PTFO emerged from and is undoubtedly at the core of the entire Battlefield franchise. The endless amount of 'ways to play' a match in Battlefield are the reason PTFO has become such a legendary concept. Battlefield has always offered gameplay mechanics favoring players who invested effort into exporing PTFO possiblities. Gratification came from inovating gameplay, finding new tactics, coordinating with (sometimes) total strangers and ultimately winning through supperior team work/comprehension of the games mechanics. Starting up Battlefield meant seeking that one moment which was out of the ordinary, executing a brand new strategy or simply landing that 'one in a million' frag.

Unfortunately with slowly improving and streamlining BF DICE has inadvertently shifted its focus away from the complex, open, sandbox experience and towards a (in comparison to its predecessors) more simple, fast paced, instant gratification shooter. Many developments/changes to the game have been cause for hot tempered debates. However even if the game is not quite what it used to be, not what some might have expected and even if to many DICEs claim "with BF3 you may PTFO, or choose not to" is blasphemy, it is up to the community to decide how they want to play the game.

It is for this reason that has launched another subsidiary website: a leaderboard that parts with the conventional KPD, SPM, W/L rankings and instead, as the name suggests, compares ptfo related statistics. The goal is to once again raise awareness and promote the concept of PTFO through competition.