Just a few hours ago the first snippet of information regarding BF4 was released. GameStop's CEO J Paul Raines had the pleasure to receive a very early sneak peak of the upcoming Battlefield title and he did not hesitate to tweet his enthusiasm out into the www:


The tweet was endorsed by EA via a retweet and remains the only solid information about BF4 to this date. The early reveal of the game outside of DICE studios has once again stirred up the debate over whether BF4 will be released 2013 or 2014.

Reminder: There has been confusion in the community since EA mentioned in its financial call, that another Battlefield title is expected to lauch "next year". Whether the statement was refering to EAs fiscal year 2014 (which starts March 2013) or actual 2014 is not known. However in a related interview with gamerzines DICE's Patrick Bach did state that an annualisation of Battefield releases would "kill the franchise". And while technically a 2013 release of BF4 wouldn't quite annualize the games releases, the last thing Battlefield needs right now is another rushed release of an unfinished product.
Recently many of you have experienced problems with StalkDICE and every Battlelog update just seemed to cause more issues. It went quiet on the SD front after a leaderboard update was promised. But what started out as a bug fixing mission turned into a full rewrite of the website. StalkDICE is back and we are proud to announce, that it's at its best. We nailed it™.

The synchronisation of StalkDICE with Oscarmike.com allowed for many new features to be implemented. You are now able to log in with your Oscarmike.com account, change your time zone, use our facebook style live chat across StalkDICE and Oscarmike.com, view detailed server information in a handy tooltip which shows when you hover over the "Join Server" buttons and most important of all, enlist your soldier in the brand new and much improved leaderboard!

We have also added a StalkDICE channel to our TeamSpeak3 server and would like to encourage all hunters to team up and Become even more lethal through cooperation. The site is in its infancy and we can use all help we can get in finding and eliminating bugs. Feel free to leave feedback in the StalkDICE forum section here on Oscarmike.com

Happy hunting on http://stalkdice.oscarmike.com