Three months have passed, the spring season has ended. A total of 80 users were tracked, 29 of which qualified for the Close Quarters raffle by collecting 5 flags. Our Community Tracker has calculated the raffle-ticket counts for all players and will be displaying all relevant information on the following website: The winners of the 3 Close Quarters DLC Keys are: Bunkenborg, sYpr0 and Th3Si0n!

Stay tuned as the end of the season does not just mean free CQ keys for 3 lucky individuals, but also the beginning of the Summer Season Giveaway! Details will be released within a week. Expect the leaderboard to be reset aswell.
Oscar Mike is proud to present, the second in house development after our Community Tracker. If you are eager to hunt down some DICE dog tags or if you're simply curious about how you would measure up against the people who made your beloved Battlefield 3, stalkdice is the site to go. The website automatically refreshes every 5 minutes and displays up to date information required to efficiently stalk DICE. Follow the twitter live feed and compete for the top ranks on the leaderboard.