In the wake of the recent craze and in support of this great new crypto currency we have decided to implement Dogecoin as a payment method on our website! Premium membership is now awarded to everyone who contributes a minimum of either 0,80€ or 3KĐ (3 Kilodoge or 3000 Doge).

Login and go to where you can find the new "Pay with doge" button:


If you are not aware of dogecoin yet and would like to know more (or even start mining it yourself) you can get your own dogecoin wallet at or check out for more info.

Experience Battlefield 4 the way it's meant to be played and use your favorite crypto currency to support us :)

Please note that the implementation of the dogeapi with our website is currently in an experimental phase. While we do not expect any issues to come up, the payment/premium status assignment process may take a while.
Keeping our game servers populated is one of the primary objectives of our community. We aim to be able to offer the Battlefield 4 gaming experience during all hours of the day. Our admin team has been seeding servers tirelessly on a daily basis for the last 3 years. Often supported by friendly/loyal members our success has been giving us the fighting spirit to persevere even the roughest days.

We have spared no effort in creating a system which rewards all [oM] members that help us seed our servers. From this day forth all registered users who help out with seeding will automatically be rewarded with a reserved slot on all our BF4 servers. We believe that a player who helps fill our servers shouldn't have to wait to join once they are full. Help us seed servers and keep track of your progress in the [Reserved Slots] thread!

In order to make seeding as effortless as possible we have created two Scripts which automate the seeding process! If you are interested in setting up your client to automatically join servers when their population drops below a certain threshold check out the [oM Seeding Tool] thread for the download and a guide.

Edit: Due to popular demand we have decided to spread the seeding tool to other communities. Check out the last part of the [oM Seeding Tool] thread for more info.